In order to leverage the knowledge gained by the pioneers and researches of our organization and to enable a more focused effort, the company has moved into a newly built research facility in Pardis Research Park. This state of the art research facility brings our researchers and designers into one central location providing more efficient use of their collective experience.

Fotrousi Research and Development center is a place which conducts research on electronic power. Research and design of various types of UPS, Rectifiers and also research on new sources of energies are among the scope of work. The primary work of the Center is research and design. Although the main goal is to sell the designs which are the result of our research activities, we can provide Prototype builds to evaluate and complete the design phase.

The Research activities and designs offered are comparable to reputable international companies in similar field and in many cases outperform them. The end products based on our designs are comparable in both price and quality with European competitors. The results of our research and design activities can be exported and utilized in other countries. Currently in addition to may local companies which manufacture and exports products outside of Iran, 6 independent overseas companies are also manufacturing and marketing various products based on our designs.

It is the goal of Fotrousi Research center to continue its research and design activities focusing on UPS and other electronic power equipment and related technologies. Design project feasibility studies, design reviews, engineering prototypes, and approval of designs are important tasks we employ to successfully complete the design projects. The high level of energy consumption in industrialized nations is not only endangering earth’s sources of fossil fuels, it is also causing irreversible damage and threatening our living environment. As such, the international community is implementing policies which focus on finding new sources of renewable energies. As an example, the European Union has set a goal of 50% of electric power in year 2030 to be produced from new sources of renewable energy. Because of this critical need, our future activities will also include research on new sources of renewable energies.